5 Tips To Stay Hydrated

1. Listen to your body.

It sounds simple but if you feel thirsty have a drink. Thirst is your body’s response when you need to top up your hydration levels.

2. Take your reusable water bottle everywhere.

36% of the UK population own a reusable water bottle, take yours everywhere so when your thirst response kicks in you have a nearby hydration supply.

3. Did you know foods help improve hydration levels?

Up to 20% of your daily fluid intake comes from food. Incorporating foods with high water and electrolyte content like watermelons, strawberries and spinach into your diet will boost your hydration levels.

4. Maintain electrolyte balance.

Anything from diarrhea to exercise can cause a loss of electrolytes, without them you can't absorb water.

5. Have your own hydration strategy and routine.

Your hydration routine will be personal to you, but use tactics like having a glass of water by your bedside table so you can have drink as soon as you wake up and keeping an electrolyte supplement in the cupboard for when water isn’t enough. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

Do you find it challenging to stay hydrated throughout the day?

Water serves us well pretty much all the time…

But do you ever feel that no matter how much you drink you can’t seem to rehydrate?

The idea behind O.R.S is simple, “when water isn’t enough – drop, dissolve, drink.”

Back when we were practising pharmacists, our obsession with hydration naturally led to some research and that’s when we worked it out…

If you’re low on electrolytes your body struggles to absorb fluids.

At the time we couldn’t find any electrolyte supplements that were both based on science and tasted great…

So we created O.R.S! Our hydration tablets add a low-calorie electrolyte mix to water that allows your body to absorb fluid faster AND stay hydrated for longer.

We made sure the O.R.S formula met World Health Organisation oral rehydration standards and went through over 50 rounds of taste testing to get our flavours just right.

Now we don’t go anywhere without a tube of O.R.S.

The British medical journal described ORS as “potentially the most important medical advance of this century.”


Oral rehydration allows your body to absorb water almost as soon as you drink it using a scientific process called osmosis.

The perfectly balanced mix of electrolytes combined with just a small amount of glucose (only 17.2kcal), quickly restores electrolyte balance and creates an osmotic gradient that allows water to flood into your bloodstream and stay there.

Because fluids are absorbed straight away and flow around the body earlier on rather than travelling through the entire digestive system, you feel the health benefits of rehydration up to 3 times faster.